Application of Water Chiller in Industry

                                                      Application of Water Chiller in Industry

Chapter 1:What’s the Water / Liquid Chillers
Water / Liquid chillers quickly cool large quantity of liquid refrigerant in order to remove heat from the air or liquids. Then they transfer cooled liquid or air out as needed.

Many industries use water chillers for their daily operations. Here are a few of the main industries which rely on water chillers to work efficiently, safely, and effectively.

Chapter 2: Application of water chiller in industry
  • Manufacturing: The manufacturing industry, especially plastics, use industrial grade processes chillers to remove heats from processed materials. Without chillers, many form of production would need to grind to a halt down for air cooling.
  • Food and Drinks:  Law sets strict guidelines for any product intended for human consumption. Secure chillers provide even, reliable cool systems for products and ingredients which need to be kept cold. Process chillers can flash-freeze tons of product at a time by surrounding products of sudden cold, without affecting moisture or ingredients.
  • Power Generation: The modern world would not be possible without power plants generating electricity for towns and cities around the world. The power supply industry uses process chillers to reduce heat caused by power generation. Without water chillers, power plants would not be able to supply the amount of power they do use the amount of space they have.
  • Hospital: Medical equipment and supplies sometimes need low temperatures in order to function. MRI machines and other large medical equipment generates large amounts of heat while they scan patients, and process chillers help to keep these machines from overloading. Liquid chillers are also used for storing medical supplies with low temperatures.
Chiller – Air cooled Chiller Chiller – Water cooled chiller
Chiller – MRI chiller Chiller – Oil chiller

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