Ceiling Mounted Type Heat Recovery Ventilator

Ceiling Mounted Type Heat Recovery Ventilator

Model AC+XHQ/XHX 200D ÷ 14000D
Brand AC+
Unit set
Min order 1
Supply ability 1000 sets per month
Payment 50% T/T as deposit rest before delivery
Port Tianjin
Certification ISO 9001/14001/18001
Place China
Packaging Export Standard Package
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Ceiling Mounted Type Heat Recovery Ventilator

The needs to reduce to the minimum the costs of heating and cooling systems with external air is increasing.

The heat recovery ventilator perfectly merges with the needs for comfort and energy-saving.

These units allow to extract certain amount of exhaust air from the room and supply an equivalent quantity of fresh air. A cross flow air to air plate exchanger assures an efficient heat recovery between exhaust and fresh air, therefore the fresh air is pre-heated or pre-cooled according to the seasons in order to recover over more than 50% of the energy that would normally be lost with the exhaust air expulsion.

The supply air is filtered before entering the heat recovery exchanger that is protected with a plate filter also at the exhaust air side.

The heat recovery ventilators can be used to integrate traditional systems made up of fan coils, air conditioning units or radiators. They can operate both in summer and winter.



Panels and frame are made of galvanized steel, protected with polyester powder painting to ensure total resistance to atmospheric agents. Panel thermal and acoustic insulation by means of polyethylene panels with a thickness of 10 mm.


High efficiency cross flow air to air paper plate type total heat recuperators or aluminum plate type sensible heat recuperators.


G3 efficiency air filters, which may be easily removed from the sides for periodic cleaning.


Fan bodies mounted on rubber anti-vibrators.

External rotor type double suction centrifugal fans which may be removed from the sides for periodic maintenance.

Three speed fans for mod. 200D÷1300D.


Galvanized steel condensation collection tray, with condensation drainage towards the lower part.


CW: Separate module with 4-row water cooling coil.

CPW: Separate module with 4-row water cooling coil and 1-row water post-heating coil.

CPE: Separate module with 4-row water cooling coil and electric post-heating coil. 

CL: Connection line for controller in customized length.



AC+XH   X   200  D

 Heat recovery ventilator 

 Heat recovery type

   Q: total heat recovery

X: sensible heat recovery


 Ceiling mounted type


* Performance values refer to the following conditions:

 a) Fresh air volume equal to discharge air volume

 b) Room air temperature 22 °C 50% RH, ambient air temperature -4 °C 45% RH.

** Noise level measured by adopting average value in the noise lab with background noise of 25 dB(A), at a distance of 1.5m  high fan speed.


Ceiling Mounted Type Heat Recovery Ventilators/HRV/ERV

AC+XHQ/XHX 200D ÷ 14000D

Air flow: from 200 to 7000 m³/h