european fan coil units

Floor Standing Fan Coil Units (2 pipe and 4 rows) european fan coil units

Model FP 3.4 ÷ 20.4
Brand AC+
Unit set
Min order 1
Supply ability 1000 sets per month
Payment 50% T/T as deposit rest before delivery
Port Tianjin
Certification ISO 9001/14001/18001
Place China
Packaging Export Standard Package
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European fan coil units are designed specially to meet the varied requirements of zone cooling or heating using chilled water or hot water. Fan coil can be applied to two or four pipe systems to satisfy the requirements of a wide variety of air conditioning or heating application. The FP series is available in concealed and exposed versions for ceiling and floor installation.

This unit is presented as a single block including: fan deck, cooling and/or cooling coil, removable filter, drip tray, electrical connection box and decorative cabinet (excluded for concealed version). 



Jet-flow air handling units The structure is made with galvanized steel, and aluminum profiles for ceiling mounted type. Pre-painted double-shell steel panels (sandwich type) internally insulated with polyurethane material.


Jet flow fan coil units The coils are made of seamless tubes expanded into aluminum fins in continuous block. All coils are tested for leakage.


Ceiling jet flow AHU External rotor type centrifugal fan motor for vertical and horizontal units, and belt-drive type for ceiling mounted units, low noise.

The fan decks are composed of double suction centrifugal fans with aluminum impellers and 3-speed fan motors. Each fan motor assembly is dynamically balanced.


The easily removable filter is made of filtering honeycomb polypropylene fabric and supported by an aluminum frame. Three types pull-out method: up, left and right as request.  


FCU All electric wires are connected to enclosed electrical terminal block, situated on the opposite side to the water connections.


Water fan coil units The decorative cabinet has a modern design that blends in with any environment. It’s made from galvanized steel treated with polyester powder coating to ensure total resistance to rust, corrosion, chemical agents, aliphatic solvents and alcohols.

The discharge grille and supporting legs are made of ABS materials.


Mechanical type for two pipe system exposed version use, working mode selection (OFF-Heating-Cooling), ventilation   (HIGH-MED-LOW) and room temperature setting.

2 pipe 4 rows


l Condensation tray (water connection area)

l Different type thermostats with more advanced functions

l High external static pressure 30Pa and 50Pa



 Construction type:

   Ceiling mounted type: DZX


 Size

Coil rows number

4: 4 rows

6: 6 rows

8: 8 rows

 Water connection direction

   Z: left hand

   Y: right hand

Note: Face to return air side to tell left/right..

Filter pull-out direction:

Z: left

   Y: right

   S: up   


‘S: Jet-flow type


* Sound pressure measured in anechoic room1.5 maway from the unit.

** The data are referred to the following conditions:

Return air conditions:

Cooling: air intake temperature: DB 27 ºC WB 19.5 ºC, water inlet /outlet temperature: 7/12 ºC.

Heating: air intake temperature: DB 21 ºC, water inlet temperature: 60 ºC.

Fresh air conditions:

Cooling: air intake temperature: DB 35 ºC WB 28 ºC, water inlet /outlet temperature: 7/12 ºC.


European fan coil units/Exposed Fan Coil units/ Vertical Fan Coil Units/Floor Standing Fan Coil Units (2 pipe and 4rows)

FP 3.4 ÷ 20.4