square cooling tower

Square Cooling Tower

Brand AC+
Unit set
Min order 1
Supply ability 1000 sets per month
Payment 50% T/T as deposit rest before delivery
Port Tianjin
Certification ISO 9001/14001/18001
Place China
Packaging Export Standard Package
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PRODUCTS INSTRUCTION square cooling tower

CDBNL-series cooling towers are made with high technology and expertise, the process of production is strictly supervised, advanced design and sophisticated processes, which guarantees good quality, performance and durability.

Excellent Design and Long lifetime. The shell of cooling tower adopts high quality and toughness glass fiber, beautiful shape, resistants to natural factors and chemical material erosion, looks brand new even after long time use. All the steel shelves are processed by immersive hot galvanized zinc and comply with British BSENISO1461: 1999 standard, reducing the oxidation mostly, prolong the service life. 

High Efficiency and Energy Saving. XBNL-series cooling tower using excellent quality PVC film as thermal interface material, corrosion resistant, no deformation, curved and diagonal design film effectively prolongs exchange time between high temperature water and air inside cooling tower, which makes air flow smoothly and resistance lower, meanwhile, making the water drift ratio lowest, furthermore, the axial and arc fan, specially designed basin with evenly distributed waterstoma, which highly improved heat exchange rate of cooling tower and lower the entire cooling tower's energy consumption and noise.

Easy Installation, Reasonable and Practical Usage.XBNL-series cooling towers can be paralleled for multi-units, flexible combination, widely used. The body structure is tidy, standardized, compact and strong, which is easy for installation. The design and manufacture are all on basis of practical uses, so it can meet customers' requirement better with high quality.


1, Made of high quality fiberglass, surface gum using imported raw materials. Anti-ultraviolet radiation, maintaining the year round without aging,and it do not fade. By using the PVC high quality in-Fill, which can resist down to -50 degree centigrade, with corrugated surface for efficient cooling. There are green type and high temperatures type in-Fill For selection;
2. The transmission components adopt outdoor vertical cooling tower motor and fan,it has the advantages of energy-saving, high efficiency and other advantages. Axial fans are made of plastic or aluminum, each fan has been test before leave of factory. Low noise and large flow range.
3.Casing made of fiber-grass reinforced plastic. Capable to with-stand weathering, firmly and durable.
4, Cooling Tower is eco-priendly in design and advanced in technology. It has revamped the parts inside the Cooling tower,with high performance, and the product is widely used in different situations. Cooling capacity ranges from 3 to 780 M3/h, relevant refrigeration ton is from 5 to1000.
5, Turbidity degree of circular water is not more than 50mg/l, short time, it's not more than 100 mg/l. It shouldn't contain oil stain and mechanical impurity. 
6, Direction of intake and output pipe could be turned according to 90 degree, 180 degree and 270 degree. 
7, Water distribution system is designed in accordance with nominal water quantity. Adopt the water wheeled rotating water distribution device, the drifting water is less than or equal to 0.0001, to achieve the effect of water conservation.
8, Blade installation degree of fans is adjustable, but need to ensure the same angle, and electric current of motor can't be above the rated current.
9, Fans could turn oppositely at low speed in a short time, in order to deice.
10, When the water pond of cooling tower is used as water pool, it need install another " automatically supplying water pipe" "rapidly supplying water pipe" "draining pipe" "warning pipe", this should be specially indicated when ordering, our quotation of cooling tower doesn't contain this part.
11, It also should be indicated if you require cooling tower retardant flame. Adopt dedicated cooling reducer, having  characteristics of smooth operation, long service life, low noise and other features;
12, Adopt dedicated cooling reducer, having  characteristics of smooth operation, long service life, low noise and other features. The packing is tested by thermal engineering test center, and is evenly distributed, hydrophilic, low wind resistance, high - temperature resistant.

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