scroll compressor air heat pump

Scroll Compressor Air Heat Pump

Model AC+H(R)CF 05÷30
Brand AC+
Unit set
Min order 1
Supply ability 1000 sets per month
Payment 50% T/T as deposit rest before delivery
Port Tianjin
Certification ISO 9001/14001/18001
Place China
Packaging Export Standard Package
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Air source scroll heat pump  /Mini heat pump /Scroll industrial heat pump  with panels and base frame are made from galvanized steel protected with polyester powder painting to ensure total resistance to atmospheric agents.


Mini heat pump  with Single phase (mod.05÷10) compressors, 3-phase scroll compressor (mod.12.5÷30), with thermal overload cut-out and crankcase heater mounted on rubber vibration isolators.

Models 7÷10 are available also with 3-phase scroll compressor and mod.12.5 with single phase scroll compressor.


Air to water heat pump  with External rotor type axial fans, equipped with single phase direct drive motors, low noise 6 poles, protection level IP54, provided with a protective outlet grille.


R407C heat pump  High efficiency stainless steel brazed plate heat exchanger, factory insulated with flexible close cell material.


Coils are consisting of seamless copper tubes mechanically expanded into blue hydrophilic aluminum fins, protected with flexible plastic grill. 


Air source water heat pump  with Copper tube connection with charge valve, filter drier (filter for 05÷8.5), gas-liquid separator, thermostatic expansion valve (expansion capillary tubes for mod. 05÷8.5), low pressure switch with automatic reset, high pressure switch with manual reset.

The heat pump unit is completed also with 4-way valve, liquid receiver and one way valve.


Vertical heat pump  Built with air vent valve, water drain connection, water circuit safety valve, water pump, male-threaded hydraulic connectors and inertial water storage tank.


consists of:  

l Compressor contactor;

l Water pump contactor;

l Compressor protection breaker;

l Water pump protection breaker

l Fan motor protection breaker;

l Control circuit protection breaker;

l Phase sequence relay (only for 3-phase power supplied units);

l Fan speed regulator(Optional);

l Programmable microprocessor controller;

NOMENCLATURE scroll compressor air heat pump 

AC+H     R     C     F   05  L

Mini heat pump

 Unit type:

R : heat pump

-- : cooling only 


Refrigerant type

--: R22

A: R410a

B: R290

C: R407c

 Air cooled

 Size

‘ Air discharge

--: Top discharge

L: Side discharge


* Ambient temperature 35ºC; evaporator water in/out 12/7 ºC;

** Ambient temperature DB 7 ºC, WB 6 ºC; condenser water in/out temperature 40/45 ºC;

*** Sound pressure measured at a distance of 1 m and a height of 1.5 m above the ground in a dear field (fan side).


scroll compressor air heat pump /Scroll Mini heat pump with Axial Fans, Scroll Compressors, Water Pump and Storage Tank 1.5ton-8.5ton R407C 

AC+H(R)CF 05÷30

Cooling capacity: 5.6÷28.8 kW

Heating capacity: 6.2÷31.8 kW